I will be hunting archery antelope and am headed up this weekend to set up my blind on a water hole. This is my third NV archery lope tag, the last two I have been in spots that had a lot of natural cover so all I had to do was dig down a couple feet behind the sagebrush and I was good. This hole however, doesn't have the cover and I will plan on building a blind. My plan is to dig down a few feet then use fencing, burlap, plywood, sagebrush, etc (just a one man shack blind, I've seen them out there many times). I will do the usual and leave a note with the dates I am hunting and my contact info. It is a pretty well known hole for the area so I need to get out there early to claim it and, fingers crossed, nobody messes with it (I will be out every few weeks to scout and check on it).

Long story short, I was talking to a buddy and he is trying to tell me that there are restrictions on man made blinds and I should call a biologist to check, I left a message for one yesterday and have yet to hear back. I am 99% sure there is nothing I need to worry about but I just want to make sure the blind doesn't get torn down by a warden passing through because of some restriction I don't know about.

Thanks for the input.