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Thread: Antelope skulls

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    Thanks for the input fellas. Some of those reproduction are far better than I could have imagined. Really impressive. I figured they'd look real blocky and fake. Those have some great detail. UH, the job on your son's sheep is unreal!

    And thanks Doe Nob, but I'll pass on the skull. I think somewhere down the line I'll try to jimmy rig my horns onto a doe skull. It's not a super impressive buck, but he has some pretty cool "hay hooks," so just finding a way to hang 'em up at some point is all I really want. Plus, it gives me an excuse to get a doe tag at some point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Umpqua Hunter View Post
    If you are looking for an excellent reproduction skull, I would contact taxidermist Danny Benson in Klamath Falls, Oregon (541) 891-7882. He does amazing work. You can get the skulls in either white or bronzed.

    Here is a pic of his antelope skull in bronze. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of the white skull. This pic gives you an idea of the nasal cavity detail and the teeth detail.

    Here's our story. In 2008, my son shot a desert sheep and planned to do a European mount. He sold the life sized cape and left the head and horns at a taxidermist in Arizona. The summer of 2012, after 3.5 years of waiting we got his mount back and the skull was cut off and was leather wrapped. Besides that the taxidermist did not package it well and it was damaged in shipping. I spent weeks running down leads on who did the best reproduction skulls. Most sheep skulls I found were half skulls with the teeth "sawn" off since they don't want to mess with the nasal cavity and teeth detail. Numerous leads off of another outdoor forum lead me to Danny Benson and he had done a full antelope skull. As I talked with Danny, he said he could not find reproduction skulls with the quality he was looking for for his own work, so he had begun to do his own skull reproduction work. The antelope was one of his first. I talked to him about redoing my son's sheep. He said he was looking for the next skull reproduction he wanted to do and took the project on. He secured a sheep skull from fish and game and used that for the pattern. In only a few months he had done a skull reproduction, repaired the broken horn and remounted my son's sheep.

    Here are the pics of my son's sheep before and after.

    UH - I'm assuming that the taxidermist in question, never got any referrals from you. Wow, 3.5 years for a skull plate mount when a European is what was asked for, and then to top it off, broken horns in transit because he didn't package it right. If it had been my sheep (still one of those animals on the bucket list), I think I would have broke down and cried! The reproduction looks fantastic though. I'm glad Danny was able to piece everything together for your son.



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