Trying to save the $$$ all I can because I'm planning an Alaska trip in 2015 or 2016. With that said DIY is the only way to go and landowner tags are just too expensive with the saving I'm trying to do. I could only hunt elk if 2-3 people split the cost of a drop camp. Still not giving up on the elk this year but more than likely it will be either western Nebraska rifle mule deer and archery antelope or leftover rifle antelope in Wyoming. I can't justify paying for landowner vouchers when I can hunt mule deer so cheap in Nebraska. Besides there are some big mulies there. There was one killed about a half mile from where I hunt that gross scored 176 typical. I might not connect on an antelope with archery gear but hey that's hunting. Thanks for the ideas and best of luck to you as well. I take it from your post that the draws didn't go as planned for you either?