Been looking at some general areas, (don't really care if it antlerless or any elk) that are open in November as I don't have much time to hunt till I get done coaching football. Was looking at area 69 as a possibility. It's not a big unit, access is limited to hiking and horses as most is wilderness but it is only a couple miles to hike from a couple of trail heads to get back into it some (according to my Cabelas hunt app anyway), and it borders the back side of the Wind River Indian Reservation. Any thoughts on this or some of the other general areas that offer a latter season date. I know there are some up around Jackson but I'm not really big on fighting the big orange army. I'm not afraid of a hike to get back into some good country and I really am just looking for a decent opportunity to take an animal. I am looking into some of the late season cow/calf tags as well but haven't had a chance to go to Green River and talk with the biologist yet on those units. If you don't want it up on the forum please feel free to PM me. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated as I am trying to get some units lined up to go up and scout around this summer.