Hey all,

new to the forum and wanted to pick the brains of folks who have hunted or have some GENERAL information on Hunting Unit 53. Will be hunting approximately the first week of November. I have good maps and have perused GoogleEarth. Looks like there are a variety of terrain types to include some high country, badlands, sage flats, forested areas and such. Clearly not looking for someone to give up a honey hole but would greatly appreciate some general type advice. My plan is to set up a base camp and hunt on foot. I'm in good shape and willing to hike into areas. There looks to be an abundance of roads to travel as well.

I realize you cannot predict weather but what can I expect in general to see in early November in terms of weather and if the deer have moved or are staging at a elevation or terrain type? Not expecting to shoot a wall hanger but have heard there are solid numbers of bucks in that area with potential to find a 170 class buck. Thanks in advance.