I'm new to the site, and new to hunting, but I figured this might be a good spot to ask a question. Has anyone ever hunted in area 16 (unit 161-164) at all? I've never been to the area and probably won't get more than one weekend to go check it out before the season (Oct. 5-20) starts, so I was hoping maybe someone here had been before and could share some general advice or tips on mule deer around there. I'm not looking for anything specific, just general info on the area.

I am an adult beginner and this is my first ever tag (I come from a 100% non-hunting family so everything I currently know is from friends, the internet and magazines), so any general hunting advice at all is most certainly welcome and appreciated. Maybe just things you have figured out over time that a first-timer wouldn't think of or wouldn't learn through reading alone.

Thanks a lot in advance, hope everyone got the tags they were hoping for!