I finally broke down and sent my 20 year old Swarovski 10X42s in for a estimate to refurbish them. I was really worried about what the price might be but sent them in anyway. I have taken and used these Binos everywhere and almost every scouting and hunting day since I bought them. The armored outside casing was loose the logos were gone and it looked like some of the coating on the lens was gone.
Well they called me the other day and I talked with a really nice lady in the optics repair dept. She told me they were going to put on the newest armored shell replace the lenses new lens caps and whatever else needed to be done to make them like the newest binos they sell. The only cost that I would have to pick up would be $175.00 for a part of the glass replacement. Honestly I was pleasantly surprised. They should be back in my hands in about four weeks.
Cant wait to get them back around my neck!! Mark