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Thats easier to do with elk than it is deer and other species. I blew my points on deer last year and decided to only apply for a unit close to my house hoping to draw every year. Before last year I hadn't deer hunted in Colorado since 2009. I'd like to hunt every year too. Put that unit as my first choice this year and didn't draw... Now I have a point and no deer license. Maybe I can only expect to hunt deer every other year... at least in the unit I'm interested in?
I have a system to hunt deer and elk every year. I'm only interested in hunting my unit, so it only applies to it. It takes 1 point to get a bull tag, and I can get a cow tag as a 2nd choice. So, that an easy one to do, and I get to hunt a bull every other year, and a cow on the off year.

Deer is almost the same. I can get a buck tag with 1 point, and I can get a private land doe tag as a 2nd choice. I alternate does and bucks just like I do cows and bulls.