I grew up camping and fishing as a kid with my family but my dad did not hunt. So, I needed to learn about hunting on my own or by hunting with friends. I started backpacking when I was 15 and started hunting on my own when I was 18 when I bought my first rifle and shotgun. Since then many, many years have passed. I've hunted out of state, in my own state, private land, public land, horse packed in to hunt, hunted on foot with a backpack and also by driving the roads with a motorized vehicle. Backcountry hunting and or being in the backcountry by far has been the most beautiful and fulfilling for me. The only way I can describe the feeling is that it's spiritual in nature, gratifying and rejuvenating for my soul.

The media that has been produced from folks like the Eastmans', their staff and their contributors has enhanced that which was already in me and part of me. I'm thankful for them and for many of the folks I've learned from here on the forum. You have all been a big part in helping me continue on that journey and adventure.