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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Hunter View Post
    What you guys are calling the back door to the back door. Is the back door. The other one that easily seen by anybody is not the back door.

    Back door describes coming in a sneaky way. There's nothing sneaky about the link posted above. It's there for everybody to see easily.
    Old Hunter, by your definition "back door" has to be:

    1) not "easily available to anybody"

    2) a "sneaky" way to view the draw results.

    Let's consider that.

    If there was a "back door" that was "sneaky", yet it was available on the internet, it would be available for anyone in the entire world with internet access to see, therefore it would be "easily available to anybody". So by that definition that would not truly be a "back door".

    Theoretically, there could be a "back door" where draw information was available early on the internet, and that information was password protected. That "back door" would post information before the draw results were made known to the public, and only certain people who had been given the password and could view the draw results before anyone else was privileged to that information. Then that information would not be "available to anybody". However, it is in violation of the second part of the definition above, because by having access to the password, it would no longer be "sneaky".

    If however you were able to hack into that theoretical password protected information, and view that draw information, before the draw results were made known, it then could truly be considered a "back door" by that definition because it is both not "easily seen by anybody" AND it is "sneaky". That however would be illegal and it would be foolish for me to post that information in the internet, therefore preserving both parts of the definition of "back door".

    If however I was foolish enough to post a link (as I did above) and the hacked password of how to access that password protected information, then it once again falls out of the definition above, because now anybody has access to that information. Therefore it has violated the definition by now being "available to anybody", and so it is technically no longer a "back door".

    I take "back door" to simply mean a fun way to learn the draw results before the actual draw results are posted a few days later.
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