Ok so I just could not stop myself. I tried and tried and god help her so did my wife, however this little bugger would not stop following me around Cabelas and I just had to bring her home. I landed myself into a Marlin Guide 1895 in 45-70. I actually didn't have anything in my kits for a bore this size. I now do. However I am very unhappy with what I came home with for cleaning stuff. I bought a hopes bore snake. It works ok for what they are. I also bought a .45 cal brass brush from gun slick and a mop. And some patches.

The brush just doesn't seem to really go in tight enough to do much good. The patches are ok. I may need a .45 swag to make them a tighter fit. Right now I forgot that and used a .30 and it was Soso.

I was wondering if any of you more senior lever action guys have found a better brush? Or is a .50 cal brush better suited? Just in case anyone asks, yes I checked the stamp on the brush and its right. It just has so very very little friction. This is actually the first time I have ever run into a brush set up being so poorly matched.