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    Quote Originally Posted by RockChucker30 View Post
    I prefer non waterproof trail runners to waterproof boots. They dry much faster if they get wet. I also keep my feet comfortable with different socks. Neoprene socks over wool keep feet warm during rain or creek crossings. Dry socks to change into are nice, and this year I'm trying goretex socks to help stay dry in wet conditions.

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    That's a good point. If I'm not in snow, I usually go with waterproof, non-insulated hiking boots because they will dry out faster if I fall in the creek or something. It is normally pretty dry where I go in the fall, so its usually not an issue. Changing socks is a must for me. I am posting so I can find this thread without trying too hard and read them all. There is lots of good advise.
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    I will tell you from a bad experience many years ago, it is no fun when your feet are in bad shape. You can be in the best shape in the world but if you cant walk all that hard work is just a waste, I think that your feet are probably the most important part of your body to take care of. Lots of great advice on this thread.



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