I know I'm pretty new on here and don't know any of you, but if you're the praying kind, I was hoping that you might put in a word for my wife and son.

We found out last Thursday that he's a boy and as well as can be determined from ultrasounds and blood screenings, he's healthy.

About 10 minutes later, we found out that my wife was getting put in an ambulance and transported to the hospital and will most likely remain there and in bed until she delivers.

She's 22 weeks and her cervix is dilated with the amniotic sac bulging out and she had an infection starting, which could spread to him and put both of them at risk.

The doctor had to prepare us for the possibility that they couldn't get the infection under control, in which case they would have to induce labor and deliver him. That would be a death sentence for him any time prior to 24 weeks and even after that, the odds aren't in his favor for at least another month.

As of yesterday, the infection has responded well to antibiotics and the doctor who admitted her (a specialist, not her regular OB) checked up on her yesterday and said that he was surprised she was still there, but that that's a good thing.

So, they're both good for now, but with the sac exposed, an infection could still get started again, so we're literally counting the days until 24 weeks - 8 days at this point.

The hospital is 1.5 hours away, so I'm having to work during the week and go down to see her on the weekends. Her mom came down to stay with her for a while and you couldn't ask for better nurses and doctors, so it's easier because I know they're both being well taken care of.

The whole pregnancy has been kind of surreal, I think it's been so long that we've been married and before we knew the sex, it didn't really click.

Thursday afternoon, after taking everything in and getting my wife settled in, it hit me - it's my son in there. Not just a baby or a fetus anymore, but my son.

While she was at the specialist, before he told us the bad news, he switched the ultrasound over to 3D, but I couldn't see a lot there, but luckily he gave us a copy. This weekend, I was looking at it again on my computer and I could see my son's face.

It's just amazing.

Thanks for listening.