Hello All!

We are in the beginning phases of the planning of an early archery season elk hunt. I am not posting for the gps coordinates of anyones honey hole (unless you want to give them to me) but want to know some information on some areas we are looking into pursuing.

We have been looking into the Little Belts and the Big Belts. We are looking for general areas to focus in on to make our travels from the Midwest effective for the duration of our hunt. We have talked about making a summer trip to these areas to do some scouting and would love any local or hunters with experience in these areas input.

We are not locked into these areas but from my early research thought these areas would be decent and open to other suggestions.

Feel free to message me and we can exchange e-mails or phone numbers. If you are interested in some decent whitetail bow hunting in northwest Illinois maybe we can do some trading.Also love to hear success stories and see trophy pictures.

Thanks! hope to chat soon