I am in the early stages of planning a blacktail hunt in California. I have some family near Sacramento and am looking at doing a hunt while visiting them in a couple years. I have seen some maps showing where the different subspecies of deer are. I am thinking of doing a 3-4 day backpack hunt 3-5 miles in, probably with the rifle for blacktail. I am trying to figure out what units have blacktail and forest land to pack into. I am not to concerned with trophy size and would just like to find a good species representative. Would the Mendocino or Trinity National Forests fit the bill for this? I see a lot mentioned about Trinity for backpack hunts but not to much about Mendocino. Is there a map that shows the forests along with the unit boundaries?

Mostly I just want to narrow down where in the state I want to hunt before I start looking at what unit and if it would be a general tag or if I would need to apply. Researching California is new to me, but I think it could be a fun hunt that would also make the wife happy by seeing her family. Thanks for any direction.