You would be risking ruining a bunch of elk meat for sure without horses, which is not fair to the game we hunt. To give you a little more perspective from someone who uses horses exclusively... We kill bulls anywhere from 12 up to 25 miles from the trailhead. We are in the wilderness. No matter what, in early season, the bulls we kill go out the next day. Luckily we have 2 wranglers and a camp jack that can do these runs. There would be no possible way someone could get an elk out in time from that deep on foot without spoiling meat, unless it was late season and it was freezing at night and staying frozen, Which is not your case. Just a thought. Also, need to take in effect of the predators if you were to leave it long. I personally get to deal heavily with grizzlies which is why we get elk back to camp the day of kill unless it is right at last light, we go in immediately the next morning. Even then those bastards get on them sometimes. . Just depends on where you are hunting