My local Rifle & Pistol Club puts on a 3 day Gun/Knife Show every year. It is this weekend. Started yesterday (Friday) and goes thru Sunday. We expanded it and now call it a Gun Show/Sportsman's Expo. Sold 250+ tables, opened at 5PM yesterday and closed at 9pm. Opens back up today at 9AM. I had a lot of misc stuff I wanted to sell so I bought a table ($55). I had my old TC Black Diamond ML, a 10 ga sxs, 25 boxes of 10 ga ammo, a Colt .38 Police Spec Rev and some excess bullets, powder and other stuff my Dad had that I got after he passed.

I sold everything in 3 hours, net is over $3,000!!! Never seen anything like it. Show was packed with people with plenty of $$$. Bricks of .22 LR going for $80.00....absolutely insane. I am going back today to pick up my setup stuf and bringing it home....nothing left to sell, besides I need to get ready for the Friends of the NRA dinner tonight.

Best thing of all is that I ordered my T/C Encor ProHunter ML from Cabelas.....with some of the procedes of course. the rest goes into my hunting fund.