Hello All
I am new to the forum but i am already really impressed with the all information here! My Brother and I are planning a DIY Elk hunt in Colorado for next fall (2014). I have been doing lots of research on the DOW website which is really great as well as making calls to USFS and DOW regional offices. Based on my research not having any preference points and complete lack of Elk hunting experience It seems Like GMU 24 might be a good place to cut our teeth on Elk hunting. I realize that the trophy potential in this area is basically zero and there is a massive army of hunters in there every season. We are looking more for the adventure and basically any legal elk will be a Trophy for us. We are planing a backpack style hunt in the wilderness area. Like many others on this forum i would prefer to escape other hunters as much as possible. Any tips or advise for a seasoned whitetail hunter would be greatly appreciated. We have already started purchasing gear and getting into shape for the hunt. We selected 24 because of the large elk heard there and the larger opportunity of at least seeing some elk, and the ease of access but if anyone has some other suggestions for someone with no points or an OTC unit that would be great. again we are just looking to have a great experience and maybe bring home some elk meat for the freezer.