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    Do you want to hunt the Wilderness area, or around the lake. The Wilderness areas are a great place to hunt. I usually only run into backpackers, and have seen a few hunters miles away through my spotting scope. Spend some time looking at google earth and look for areas that put you between 3-8 miles back, depending on your fitness level. Most areas will give you 1000 ft of elevation gain over 1 mile. Good places to target are small lakes or water sources that have medows and and ridges. Two things I cant stress enough. Put your food up in the trees away from your camp, and buy a bear tag. Be paitient and get a good vantage point and glass. Dont go rolling through the medows, and other areas you would expect to find deer, unless you are stalking them. Make a few scouting trips to familiarize you self with the area, and dont forget you fishing pole on the scouting trips.

    O ya, try to have two spots in different areas of the trinites. Usually the fires will smoke out areas North of Weaverville, and you will want to go to a different area. There is a big outfitter in the Coffie Creek area, so if you go there you will need to look for a more remote area.
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    If anyone wants someone to go in to the marbles or trinity alps shoot me a pm.



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