Let's see.

1. Antelope
2. Whitey
3. Mule deer
4. Rocky elk
5. Black bear
6. Brown bear
7. Bison
8. Shiras
9. Mtn goat
10. American alligator
11. Barren caribou

I think I need a sheep and a mountain lion and I will have like completed one of the half or entry level slams. Haven't checked in a while. So don't hold me to it

Will get my Wyoming sheep in the next couple years. Mtn lion soon.

If I have some good luck I might pick up a few more deer elk caribou moose species. Desert and stone probably not. Maybe a griz in Wyoming(very cool). Might be legal in a couple years.

like I told umpqua hunter. If I could get get my sorry butt out of Wyoming in September I could add some species. But September in the Rockies is my passion.

I still need a monster mule deer. I'm the worst mule deer hunter in the world

Most importantly my kids r 15-12-8. My son, the youngest, aptly named hunter, needs to learn to kill bulls with a bull. If I can help him do that all is good