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    Im not even sure what to say about this article on yahoo but its enough to tick anyone off. I dont know how they can keep saying internet sales are not regulated. I have bought several guns recently off gun broker and guns america and all had to go through a local FFL dealer and go through a background check. 2 times my federal background check was delayed. The 1 time it was cleared instantly I had to wait to be cleared by my local sheriff because it was a pistol and my CPL hadnt come in the mail yet. The last time I had my CPL and was still delayed. None of the guns I bought were made after 1925 and I am a combat vetran with no record. Also some poles I saw where 90% of americans want gun control were surveys of like 1500 people. If they surveyed 1500 people from another part of the country Im sure atleast 90% would be against it.

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    Well the problem with poles....they are good for two things...barb wire and strippers. Politicians and reports get that confused a lot but I am not at all surprised!
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