Outdoor Magazine Publisher-So, like Guy and Ike, I get to hunt and fish for a living. It doesn't suck if anyone wants to know.

I spent 8 years as a U.S. Marine and after that, became a mortgage banker. I just hated wearing a suit and tie all the time as well as being stuck in an office most of the time. The income afforded me the opportunity to go on lots of hunts, but I was unsuccessful because I didn't have time to scout the units out and I wasn't smart enough to hunt the same units year after year. Ten years ago, I walked away from the corporate world and have never looked back. I spend 180 days a year in the field scouting, hunting, fishing, and testing gear.
The majority of folks that I run into in the field doing the same thing are firefighters and contractors. They seem to have tons of time to enjoy the outdoors.
Good luck with your future.