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    Hoshour- you're right, point taken. Honestly though my main intent was trying to verify the restrictions on re-applying. That changes my strategy in NV. Plus with the draw coming up soon, I thought it might be good info for other guys that weren't aware of those restrictions. In hindsight, I could have left out the MRS comments.

    As far as emailing Eastmans goes, I've talked with Adam in the past and have also emailed time back and forth a few times. I'll have to get in touch with him again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoshour View Post
    If you would like additional info in the NV MRS or any MRS, why not send an email to Eastmans' and tell them the info you would like to see or give them the info you have?

    The MRS sections have a huge amount of information, especially in the spreadsheets, and have to be a tremendous amount of work to put together each month. Eastmans' is on the forum pretty often asking for our input to make them better.

    Since they have enough humility to ask for our help, help them out with an email instead of knocking them on the forum for "errors" that are simply additional information you would like to see or think ought to have been included.
    I have and didn't get a response, but I probably sent it to the wrong email or something... sorry to sound ungrateful or deprecating, not my intent, just a little venting. I love eastmans and there is a ton of great info, especially while learning a new state.
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