Been spending lots of time reloading in the last few weeks. Being a competition shooter, I go thru lots of ammo, literally hundreds of rounds a week, depending on how much I practice between shoots. My big shoot season is coming and once I get started with outside work after irrigation season starts, I won't have as much time to reload. I loaded up 1000 pistol, 1000 rifle and 500 shotgun this weekend. Still need 3 or 4 times that much to get me started for the summer season.

I'll be shooting in the state match in Grand junction first week of June, the next week is my home club's annual Revenge of Montezuma shoot, then End of trail World Championship in Edgewood N.M and then Railhead in Williams Az. That gets me to July for Hell on Wheels in Cheyenne. Thinking about going to Texas for a couple of shoots after that.

All of my ammo is black powder so I reload it all.

Just thought I'd gripe a little I'll be getting in a little fishing here too. Then do some scouting as I am planning on drawing my sheep tag.......whpps there I go daydreaming again.