I've been extremely curious about the elk hunting in unit 63. This seems to be one of the most liberal OTC elk tags available, which has me wondering about the tag. I'm fairly fimiliar with the area as I do a bit of coyote hunting in the general area, but I have never actually seen an elk out there (though lots of sign!). I actually enjoy the flat sagebrush lands almost as much as I love the mountains, which has really got me interested in learning more about the elk here. I understand the two largest difficulties are probably no areas where you can glass and a huge portion being owned by the INEL.

With that, has anyone ever hunted this unit for elk? Anyone willing to share their experiences with me?

Is this area hunted a lot with ATV's? I don't see any motorized restricitions. Because of limited access are most hunters congregated in certain areas? I have some other specific questions that I will hold as not to publicly ruin anyones hunting area, but I do have more questions if anyone wants to talk shop