Need some help. I went of an elk hunt with Hidden Creek Outfitters five years ago. I loved the area. The hunt was hard with no results. Saw only one bull.(second Week hunt)The hunt started bad when on the way in my guide was thrown off his horse,broke his face and had to be airlifted out. I ended up hunting with the rangler ,a great guy. Worked his butt off. i got stuck with a hunter(did not know him ) was someone who was sick before he got to Wy and was sick all during the trip. Honestly, he made life miserable. We really got about 2 days of hunting in because of this guy.Hidden Creek apologized but that was it. Bill Perry was nowhere. The rangler (Brett Mckinley) did everything he could to make the hunt a success. Would hunt with him anytime,anywhere. I am not sure about Hidden Creek.
i am thinking about doing it again but need help with Reviews on Hidden Creek Outfitters vs others in the area. Also I hear that hunting has not been good in the thorofare. Love the place though,like no other. Just wonder if I want to go back into it with Hidden creek outfitters as they kind of threw me under the bus.