I've worn contacts for 19 years now and I'm 31. I now use Focus Dailies, simply throw away at night and put in a new pair in the morning. It's a simple, no hassle, solution that always lends itself to having an extra pair or two around (plus my eyes are equally as terrible, so I don't have to worry about different prescriptions for each eye). I have slept with them in a night or two, but I would bet an eye doctor would tell you not to.
The one thing that I would offer up is to ALWAYS carry some sort of eye drops when out away from town for any period of time (whether you wear lenses, or not). A few years ago I was hunting Coues in Sonora, MX. We stayed in a camp miles from town and a long way from U.S. eye doctors. I got something in my eye one day (thankfully the day after I shot my buck); a piece of ocatillo or something. Whatever it was, I could not see out of my eye for the next day and a half. My eye swelled up like a heavyweight boxer that was on the wrong end of a big swing. Thankfully, one of the hunters in our group brought eye drops as he is a woodworker that always gets sawdust in his eyes. If I was wearing glasses, would they have protected my eyes? I don't know. A coworker of mine years ago who had a fairly strong prescription, always complained of crosshairs in scopes not lining up right and sometimes even seeing double because of his glasses.
So, like all things, there are probably pros and cons to both. Fortunately, most eye doctors typically have "sample packs" of contacts that they will normally let you try (free of charge other than the $ for the visit). You might try that and see what you think.