Hi all,

This is my first time posting here and I'm looking for some help. My Dad was an advid bow hunter for his whole life and he unexpectedly passed away 2 months ago at the age of 54. Anyways, I never got into bow hunting and my mom has asked me to sell my Dad's bows. I don't know anything about this one in particular and I was hoping you all could help me with age, price and maybe some ideas on where I could sell it.

The bow is a Groves Spitfire Magnum. 50# @ 28 in, Serial Number 4595-2, 60 in

It does not have a string on it and it is in great condition. No cracks, scratches and it is not bent. Could someone help me on this? I'm having a very hard time finding a lot of information about this bow. I know it was made by Harold Graves out of New Mexico and he is famous for holding a distance record that still stands from 1964 I think it was. I could find plenty about him, but not much about this bow. Thanks for your help!