I have spent years running around above my house in central cascade foothills. I have not seen the plants, but we sure have seen some shady people up there. I am almost afraid to go up there by myself like I used to.

craziest thing ever. you military people need to contain yourselves. I was up there late at night with my boys, and could hear a helicopter, but could never see it. finally in the distance a small light. then bigger. finally I see a helicopter rise up about 100 yards from me and hovers straight out from me on a steep canyon side with spot lights on me. I could barely hear it. I didn't have a clue what was going on. turns out the military does some canyon training in that area. It is pretty remote, yet they have enough hot spots(like me) on their screen I guess to do some training. It was pretty awsome, but a little spooky at the same time. I just hope they use all that training to keep some of the potheads out of the woods.

most people I know just grow their own behind the barn. largest cash crop in our County for the last 30 years. we are so proud.