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    AZ Archery Elk Unit 27

    Just found out I drew an elk tag for archery season in Arizona for Unit 27. I've been applying for 9 years to get this tag so I want to make the most out of this hunt. Can anyone give me any information about the unit and people that I should consider using as a guide. I plan on hunting the entire 14 days if necessary. Thanks in advance for your help, Gerry Addison,

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    Check out Steve Chappell's outfit if you are looking for a guide. He runs a super outfit from what I have seen and has guides in Unit 27.

    Duane Adams has had a solid reputation for many years, but I don't know if he hunts Unit 27.

    Probably the best in the state is Jay Scott and Darr Colburn, but I don't believe they outfit Unit 27, but I am sure anyone they would recommend would be very good. They have an outstanding reputation:

    You will need to jump on this, the best outfitters are booked in a matter of days after the results come out.



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