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    I read Ben O. Williams book and the main point I got from it was that as long as you get the basic obedience stuff down, especially the come command, 95% of the dog's hunting ability comes from its breeding so only 5% will come from what you teach it. I just give my dog opportunities to succeed and reinforce the traits you want to keep. It can be frustrating watching your pup bust a covey of chukar just out of range after climbing 1000 vertical feet to get to em, but after three seasons my pup has finally really got it down. It comes down to repetition. The more times you get it out in the field the better.
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    There is nothing better imo then training a gun dog and watching it go do what it was bread to do... I have trained a few on limited free time. All great advice on your thread as far as reading books and watching videos. If you dont find a pro give it a try. You will be suprised how rewarding it is. Good luck and happy hunting!

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