On thursday of the last week of the season in eastern Nevada, I spotted this guy in the distance without time to get to him that evening. Pictures taken thru my spotting scope.

The next day I set up for him in the dark hoping to see him close to where he was last evening. However, I didn't see him at all. I stayed on the mountain all day hoping to see some sign of him. I was running out of time with only saturday and sunday left in the season and a likelyhood of additional hunters being out on that final weekend.

I made a good decision late in the afternoon. Instead of positioning myself near where I had seen him the night before, I decided to stay high enough up on the ridge to have a view of a lot more country, hoping he'd show up somewhere else in the basin. He did! Along with two other bucks he was headed toward a water hole in the bottom of one of the drainages about a mile away. I had just enough time to make my move and intercepted them as they had finished getting a drink and were headed up the opposite slope. One shot from my 300-win mag at a little over 200-yards and I had my buck.