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    At the end of my article I would like to thank my unnamed brother who carried out all the meat while I took pics and my unnamed nephew who actually found my buck of a lifetime, as well as my good buddy who didn't get a deer this year because he did all the scouting for me. I also took him along on my elk hunt because I didn't know how to bugle.

    I would also like to thank myself for enduring my incredible training regimen that got me into sheep shape even though I was only hunting whitetailed deer. All that extra time at the range really paid off when after shooting 7 times, I accidentally shot the buck in the rear end at 800 yards and somehow cut an artery. Somehow, that long-range shooting prowess didn't make it into the article. But, we did high fives all around and just couldn't believe how much we under estimated the size of this buck. No ground shrinkage on this one.

    A special thanks to my wife for understanding why I spent all our money and was gone six months again this year, leaving her to raise our kids alone when she wasn't working her other job. She's a jewel and I really don't deserve her. I am looking forward to the time when I can take the kids with me and pass along this heritage.

    I would also like to thank my Creator for making this big buck and allowing me to luck into him. It really was the buck of a lifetime because he's the only one I've ever killed.
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