I was at the range yesterday testing some new loads for my 30-06. It really shot unbelievable! 3/4" groups at 100 yards. Not too bad for a 85 years old rifle!

It is an 03 Springfield that my Grandfather got thru the NRA in 1950 for $10.00 (if I remember what he told me when he gave it to me). It has been "sporterized" like everyone did in the 50"s. New stock, Timney trigger, bolt altered, polished & blued and drilled & tapped for scope mounts. I have a Leupold VXIII 3 1/2 x 10 on it now. Started out way back with a Weaver K3. Still has the original military barrel.

I shot it for years until I bought a new Ruger M77 in 1977 in 25-06. Kind of retired it then. I used to use the old surplus 4895 for my reloads. Can't get that anymore, and the new IMR 4895 is hotter, so I started working up a new deer load for use this fall. The load that shoots best is 52.5 grs IMR 4895, 150 gr Sierra Game King BT. It chronographs at an average of 3054 fps (10 shot average). This rifle always shot best with hotter loads, still does.

Not bad for an old timer!!! Now all I have to do is get a buck to stand still long enough for me to whack him. One more thing, sent the scope to Leupold for a custom ballistic turret made for my load.