I'm trying to get my broadheads to fly straight, but I am having a heck of a time doing it. I have read the easton broadhead tuning page, but that didn't really help. I have the broadheads shooting about 1" to the left of my field points at 20 yards which is not ok with me. I have the bow turned up as high as it will go (easton recommendation) and I REALLY don't feel like shooting 70ish pounds if I don't have to. That is just asking for me not to be able to get my bow back when I'm freezing in a tree stand or out of energy from a long stalk. I'd like to be somewhere in the mid to upper 60s for draw (I've noticed a couple of pounds can be a big difference at times). I'm shooting gold tip arrows with a 100 grain Muzzy MX-3. I've heard that the MX-3s just don't tune very well from time to time. I also have the occasional "flyer" that will end up 6 or so inches to the left and fly very badly. I think I need to square my arrows, but I already have the insert glued in. Is there a way I can square up the arrow with the insert in? Do I need to switch to a heavier broadhead? I have no issues with my field points flying straight or acting weird. Its only when I put my broadheads on that I see bad flight and a "new zero". As for the arrow spine, I'm dead on for the gold tip chart, so I don't really think I should have to change my arrow to adjust the spine.

Anyone have any tips?