I really thought I had posted this on here last year, but apparently I was mistaken. I got in a little trouble for shooting this deer considering the circumstances, but I survived to tell about it. We had a concert to go to opening night of deer season and got in real late. I overslept and there was no way my wife could get ready in time to get to the woods, so she said to go without her. Well, her stand is the quickest one I could get to and it started breaking daylight before I even left the house and 10 minutes later I found myself sitting on her stand. As luck would have it he came running across the field to check on a doe that had been out feedings since I climbed in and he met my age requirement of 5yo. My wife has hunted it almost every weekend for the past 4 years and has been skunked, I hunt it 2 times in 4 years and I'm 2 for 2.