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    Quote Originally Posted by Fink View Post
    So, eberle... Oklahoma doesn't make your top two?!? I just landed in Tulsa a few hours ago, felt like I arrived in the 7th circle of hell, several fires in the distance, Arkansas river was non existent... When was the last time it rained here!?
    2007 was the last year we had above average rainfall. 2011 was the worst drought in the history of OK. If we don't get some rain this year it will be the 5th consecutive year in the drought. We have reduced our cattle herd by 40% over the last four years. I'm tired of the hay shortage & low to dry ponds! So no, Oklahoma does not make my top two. Wyoming is a redneck state similiar to OK. Heck it's name speaks for itself "The Cowboy State". Plus it was the home to my hero & greatest cowboy to ever live Chris Ledoux!

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    Four more years and I'll be retired in Buffalo, WY for good.........and I'll put a new meaning to the therm, "Gone Hunting".
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    Having lived in MT, AZ, WY, NV and now ID, I probably would go with Montana, although Idaho is a great place with all the public land, especially being close to the Tetons, the Park and WY. Every place has had its' goods and bads. I can hunt bears otc in a couple of weeks, steelheading this weekend, otc elk & deer every year. Variety and checking out new places is my thing, but Idaho will be my home for next 5 to 10 yrs.



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