I couldn't have been more proud of her on this hunt. We had found a group of 3 bucks well away from any other concentration of deer and I'd never even looked hard at this one bc of his profile being short compared to the other 2 bucks. As luck would have it, snow fell and the deer split and this one stayed where the group had been. I had never gotten a head on view of the buck until then and called him as a deer that would be flirting with 30" on outside spread. Gut check time came and because of how the deer was positioned and the number of does with him scattered across the ridge we couldn't get too close to him. The goal was to get under the 400yd mark and make it happen and we managed to make it to 378 before he had us pegged and started working his way to the top. One shot from the 270wsm and 40yds later made it a done deal. He was a big bodied buck, won't score well, but went 30.25" across at his 4s.