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I am going to crap my Wyoming, Utah, Arizona and Nevada points. I only have 1-2 points anyway and the odds are against me. Landowner or Canada, and my home state of Alaska. Beyond that it's north worth it at 40 to start on this points BS again.
I hear ya edelwiess! but you've also got some pretty awesome big game hunting right in your backyard... Alaska! WOW! That makes it easier to rationalize giving up on some dream western hunts. Here in flat ol' meechigan, and elk tag REALLY IS like winning the lottery, there's whitetails everywhere, but not many big-uns unless you have a massive chunk of private land to hunt on. So that leaves at the mercy of the G&F commissioners of the western states. I'm done with AZ.. too much too long! I think I'll resume UT next year, because it's not terribly expensive if you time it correctly, WY I'm nearly at max so I'll cash soon... and I've networked I great WY resident to run all over the back-country with... lastly my heart belongs to NM... but she's a dirty girl these days to non-res hunters.

Edelweiss... Me, you, huskymusky and my WY connection should go moose huntin sometime!