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    How many points do you have?
    A few years in...?
    When did you get in? when you could apply for every specie in UT? or before they went from 2 to every species? If you got in before they expanded it to all species/points, I'd probably keep applying for those 2 species in UT. If you got in after, then I'd consider tossing the towel in.

    You could save some cash by just applying for your top 2 tags/points vs. applying for all the species.

    When they expanded it to everyone could apply for all tags odds totally went to garbage, but most guys who applied prior to that probably have say ex. 10pts for elk and desert sheep, and then have like 5pts for all other species now, so a ton of people have the same amount of pts, and then some people have more or max pts for only 2 species, so you could save some cash and just go after your top 2 again.

    I'm young, so I plan to draw every tag in UT at some point.

    btw my top 2 are desert sheep and elk, which I suspect are the top 2 for many hunters.

    whatever you decide to do, I would do it! not be wishy washy, ie, no points this year, then in 3 years think oh I should apply, either apply for everything forever, or pick your top 2, or just throw in the points.
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