Regarding landowner tags.. I've not reseached costs for LO tags in CO, but take New Mexico for example.. You can pick up a LO tag in some of the mediocre units for about $1,500, plus the cost of the tag.. So, for a tad over $2k, you can hunt a unit every year with similar quality as several OTC CO or ID units. A LO tag with good elk quality will most likely cost you $3k (if I remember correctly from last year) plus the tag.
My total out of pocket expenses, after getting fees back, is approximately $425 this year, for 18 hunts. With about half of those hunts being hunts I will draw within 10 years. The other half are long shot elk odds, or impossible to draw sheep/goat hunts, that cost an additional $7.5-$10 to apply.

$425 to not hunt is a bunch of money, but when you spread it out over as many hunt possibilities, its not as bad. $1500+ for a LO tag buys a bunch of points, for quality that can probably be found OTC in several states, or be drawn every year on the special WY tag.