The recent explosion of anti gun bills here in Colorado and an article in the Denver Post got me thinking ....bad thing to do! The DP's article basically said that hunters don't support and belong to the NRA. I know lots of the participants on this forum are bow hunters and might not have any reason to be an NRA member, there are also lots of us gun hunters that are.

I have been a Endowment Life Member for over 50 years and support the NRA by attending all the local Friends of the NRA banquets. I am also a certified NRA Instructor and Range Safety Officer. The DP story really burned me when the author interviewed 2 hunters who were not NRA members and then made the assumption and statement that most hunters arn't NRA members and don't support their effort against gun legislation. I wrote him a reply and basically told him he was full of crap.

How many of you (us) are NRA members?