How many people put game cameras out on public land during the summer to do some "scouting" for them? I have been in a debate with myself about putting some cameras out on public land here in SD where I know there are some deer running around and am unsure on the caliber of deer each year, but I am nervous that my camera might magically grow legs and walk off when I'm not there. I know there are some ways to lock it to the tree/post or whatever it is hung on, but most of them are fairly expensive. Any suggestions on how to make sure my camera doesn't get borrowed without permission?

How often would you check the camera? I'm about 3 hours from where I want to put them and I don't think there would be much foot traffic out there, but I really don't know. The season doesn't start til late in September for archery, so I'm thinking the first part of August should be early enough to put it out there and maybe check it at the first of September then when I go to hunt at the end of September.

What about protecting it from cattle? The area I want to put it is a Walk In Area that has cattle on it all year and I really don't want 98% of my pictures to be cattle. Any type of setup where you can get more deer than cattle or does it solely depend on the terrain/cover for where I want to place the camera? Is it even worth putting the camera out there? I usually don't get much scouting in prior to the season with work getting in the way.