I was looking the 900-15 permit for elk and noticed the Snowies Crazies and Highlands and included. I called teh warden on the crazies and he said alot of the same as everyone else that the access is not good.

I also called the warden for the Snowies and he said the same, that you can get in but access isnt great. But i havent heard much before about it, could anyone fill me in on the herd density, is it a good hunt how is the terrain, and just overall unit.

Highlands never heard a thing about it before and cant get ahold of the warden. Can someone fill me in on what can be expected?

I am either applying for the 410 tag or this one, i am assuming the 900-15 may be a little less pressure than the 410 tag but who knows.

If you want to pm me that is fine.