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    Could always find a decent unit with reasonably priced unit-wide vouchers...would let you hunt deer instead of messing around with elk.

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    All good info, thank you.

    I went after scoring a point, but found I was way too agressive on my 2nd and 3rd choice. I guess I'm "paying for knowledge" in the beginning. I ended up getting a tag in the left-over draw for 2nd rifle, GM 18, 28, 37, 371. I've spent a few weekends scouting 37 south of Copper, east of 91 on the back side of Breck. Lots of hiking. Only saw a couple bucks, but I'm not sure if it was my expectations or the wildlife.

    I have 3 more weekends to scout (the wife is limiting me) before the season. I'm tempted to head all the way north into 18. Any recommendations?

    All the information provided was very helpful, and I appreciate it immensely.



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