This is my first year to enter the draw for CO muleys. I moved to CO from TX last year, and I am officially now a CO resident. I'm used to hunting deer on private land sitting in a deer blind. I'm eager to get out the hiking boots and really hunt.

Any general suggestions on hunting areas I should target or even avoid? I'm not looking for a monster buck, just a good opportunity at something respectable. More importantly I'm interested in seeing and learening what CO is about.

Areas with large muley populations sound good, but on the other hand I hear they can be over run with hundreds (if not thousands) of hunters. I'm an avid hiker and not affraid to head into the back country if it means avoiding the masses. I'm prepared to scout during the summer and really brake the boots in.

There's so much info out there, I'm not even sure what's realiable, more less where to start. Any helps is good help. Thanks in advance.