Hi all, new to the Eastman's forum here. Just a quick intro from a south FLA boy as I wanted to join up as a source for more western tips from the great forum members here. Have not been out west for a couple years now but want to get back on the horse maybe starting this fall? As far as western background, I have hunted Montana four years, two up by Augusta and two by Avon and two years in New Mexico, one year in the Gila and one for Antelope in the NE part of the state. Also hit NW Texas one year as well as three years of Nebraska turkey hunts. Looking to expand the next few years out west and looking for a 300"+ Elk, my first moose hunt, first Bear etc. Also looking into my first Iowa hunt and will start trying to apply there as well as trying to figure out all the tag issues again for the other states. Well, guess thats it and look forward to sharing and learning here on Eastman's!