I am a Colorado resident. I've done a lot of backpacking. Now I'd like to do some armed backpacking and hopefully bag a mule deer or elk. I have never hunted before. I have no preference pts. Just got my hunter safety card. I own a .270.

My wife is newly pregnant. If things go well, we'll be having our second child this November. So, she wants me to draw an early tag. I see there is one early season mule deer rifle tag I might be able to draw without pts for unit 47 in the Hunter/Fryingpan wilderness.

I am also looking at the muzzleloader season (though I haven't fired one since a sidelock in scout camp 25 years ago). It appears I can draw both buck deer and bull elk tags with no points for units 45 (Holy Cross wilderness), 18 (Troublesome roadless area), and 15 (Sarvis Creek wilderness) I think I have a 60% chance for bull elk tags in 43 (Maroon Bells wilderness) and units 75/751 (Weminuche) and I can draw buck deer tags in both of them. Finally, I could also draw an either sex elk tag for unit 14 (Mt. Zierkel wilderness) and a doe tag just in case (but not a buck tag).

I know that is a lot of options. Sorry. I would like to hunt up as high as I can (as long as there are still deer or elk there) as I like alpine scenery. I would also like to get away from other hunters as much as possible. Any areas with beaver ponds or small streams where a fly rod would come in handy would also be a plus just in case I don't see any big game.

I am also interested in any recommendations for an outfitter or someone who could help me pack out an elk. I don't have the cash to pay for a guided hunt, but I hope to find someone I can contact for help packing out an animal. I'm sure I can handle a mule deer myself over 2-3 trips, but I don't know if I can get an elk out of the backcountry before the meat spoils.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts! Not looking for specific areas (unless you're willing to share), just your opinions about these units in general.