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    They have a points system for the general tag, elk, mule deer, combo, all the same thing, but then they have points for special limited units for deer/elk, ie. you have to draw the general tag to draw a special limited entry mule deer or elk permit.

    So they made it even more weird by having 2 sets of points for 1 animal!

    I believe in july 1 year if not every year now they have a points only for the general tag, which is not the problem/issue to draw, the limited special entry deer/elk tags are what's tough and what you want to build points for, no one worries about building points for a general elk/deer tag, even with no points at all you would average drawing every year if not every other year, so do you really need 5pts to draw a general tag? NO. basically if you have 1 pref pt for the general combo you're guaranteed a general tag.

    MT needs to separate all elk tags, make people apply for exactly the elk tag they want, and they should have a 2nd choice general elk tag option, ie... 1st choice limited entry elk permit, 2nd choice, general elk tag. Not rocket science MT!

    Therefore guys who put in for the general as their 1st choice would probably have 100% draw. Guys who fail to draw their 1st choice/limited special area elk permit, could either get a refund, or try to draw a general elk tag as a 2nd choice, in which the odds wouldn't be 100% but you would still have a chance.

    ie. your 2nd choice should be a refund, or a general elk tag, or even another special area although I'd suspect all special limited areas would be filled with 1st choice applicants.
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