For the non-res MT is a terrible system.

They offer no "points only option" for special elk/deer permits, you can apply for pts only for deer/elk if you fail to draw a general deer, or elk, or combo license, but if you draw the tag and only want points, you only get an 85% refund? or so, which leaves you something like $150-200 lost. So essentially if you wnt points only in MT it costs you $200 plus the other permit fees etc...

Perhaps this is to keep people from applying for points only, or just letting the rich gain points while the rest of us only apply in years we can actually hunt.

Not sure who's running the show in MT, but they can do better.

Also worth pointing out, MT, sheep, moose, and goat tags, since no points only option, leaves hunters who only want points apply for the toughest draw odd units, leaving hunters who actually want that tag putting up against hunters who only want points and not the tag, so the best unit and/or toughest odd units get more applicants than they really should, further reducing odds. Sounds like a lose-lose situation.

I say you can have a points only option, and still require hunters to front the entire tag fee, or even half, vs. no fee then everyone would apply, but full tag fees, then people would just apply for the tag vs. points only.

Basically MT needs a points only option that requires half the tag fee up front, and would refund almost all of your application fees, app fees of almost $200 are absurd.

my lil rant, not bashing MT hunters or Montanians in general btw, just their application system. Btw why does online cost more than mailing in tags? something like $50 to apply online for the avg. non res? once the system has been paid for, it should be free/cheaper, less people doing the work, it's automated. This fee should be reduced as well.

Just my $0.02